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About  Silverclay
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As a qualified silversmith, there was always an urge in me to push the boundaries and try new techniques.

When I discovered Silver Clay I realised that it could give me the freedom to make the sort of jewellery I only dreamed of...

So what is it?


Not only is silver clay created from recycled silver It's also fabulously versatile and truly beautiful. Being 99.9% Fine Silver (as opposed to Sterling Silver at only 92.5%) means the piece will be of a higher silver content, less liable to tarnishing and when turned into a unique handmade piece, just that little bit more precious… 


Silver Clay is made up of pure recycled silver particles bound together with water and an organic non-toxic binder. It can be moulded, shaped, pressed, stamped and cut. When the piece is finished, it's dried thoroughly and fired with a blow torch or in a kiln. During firing, the organic binder burns away leaving the silver particles to fuse into a solid metal form; resulting in a gorgeous and unique piece of 99.9% Fine Silver Faye Benjamin jewellery.

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