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Jewellery care guide

Because your handmade jewellery is uniquely yours, wearing it will always make you feel special. With something this precious, it’s worth taking care of…

Care Guide symbols.png
Care Guide symbols.png

Make your jewellery the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off​

To avoid body lotions and perfumes coming into contact with your silver, make your jewellery the last thing you put in. It's also a lovely way to finish your outfit and start your day feeling special! Remove jewellery before undressing and going to bed. It will stop it getting tangled in your clothes and while you sleep. 

Remove before physical activity and manual work

It's a tough world out there and your jewellery may be delicate. Nobody wants to jingle while they run, or lose precious rings gardening! Leave your treasures safely at home and put them back on when you've finished.

Care Guide symbols.png

Take off before showering, swimming or using a hot tub

There are a lot of chemicals in pools and hot tubs that may affect your silver and accelerate the tarnishing process. Remember to remove your jewellery before entering water. 

Care Guide symbols.png

Avoid direct contact with perfumes and other chemicals

Always err on the side of caution. Cleaning products, even perfumes, could affect your silver. Wear gloves or remove your jewellery when cleaning and washing up. 

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Keep clean with a silver cloth or a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water

It's not something you need to do every day, but if your silver has lost its sparkle, gently buff with a polishing cloth or clean with a baby toothbrush and soapy water. 

Care Guide symbols.png

Store in the box provided, or an airtight container

All my jewellery will come to you in a beautiful eco-friendly branded box. It's yours to keep and makes the perfect place to store your precious jewellery. If you're travelling, a little airtight bag makes a good alternative.

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