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Hallmark - close up
About Hallmarking

What is a Hallmark?

All silver jewellery weighing over 7.78g in the UK is legally required to carry a hallmark. This comprises (as a minimum) three marks:

  •  The Sponsor's Mark (unique to the maker)

  • The Standard Mark (denoting which precious metal has been used)

  • The Assay Office Mark


As you can see from the pictures, my sponsor's mark is made up of the letters FB and a bow-tie shape. The 999 within a lozenge shape shows that my star is made from 99.9% silver (pure silver) and the anchor is the mark of the Birmingham Assay Office. You might think the picture is a little fuzzy - unbelievably the stamps are less than 1mm in height!

What is the Dealer's Notice?

The Dealer's Notice is a document that must be displayed by anyone selling precious metal jewellery. It explains the requirements of hallmarking to ensure the customer is protected. If you meet me at any events, this will be proudly displayed on my stand!

Dealers Notice
Dealers Notice 2020.jpg
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